Hash Mis-Management Committee

Grandmaster: Glenn (Dirty Dick of Touliu) De Villiers

(Job is to come up with the best nominations, ensure that the beer in the coolers has not gone skunky, and generally provide just the right atmosphere during down downs)

Head/Web master: Ryan (Satisfaction GuaranTit) Berg

(Job is to keep this rabble in some kind of order, run the down down ceremony and judge the validity of general penalty nominations. Also calls m-m meetings when deemed necessary), as well as maintain the website)

Brewmeister: Vicky (Four Stiff) Tseng

(Job is to run the bar during down downs, and to purchase the stash prior to each run)

Hash Trash: Rachel (BBB) Simon

(Job is to take notes during down downs and keep a record of events for hash records as well as publish run reports)

Trailmaster: Glenn (DDT)

(Job is to ensure that there are hares for each run, and to set up the run schedule)

Hash Cash: Hugo (Crampee BuxiBum) McGlinchey

(Job is to collect run fees at each run and to reimburse the Brewmeister for costs incurred in keeping the hash in stash).

Hash Flash: Jane (Moaning Grinder) Lu

(Job is to keep a photo record of hash events and may even flash every now and then)

The Hash needs Hares!!! You can sign up months in advance and have plenty of time for finding trail. Sign up with DDT. If you need help, ask any of the qualified hares (DDT, SGT, CBB, Joe Shlomo, BBB, Eh-Hole).